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Mountain Outreach Team


Mountain Outreach Team supports the community in flood recovery through the delivery of educational, community outreach, and crisis counseling services.

The Mountain Outreach Team supports staff to go into the entire area affected by the flood, door-to-door with the goal of addressing the emotional impact of surviving the flood and informing survivors of resources offered by the community. In addition, staff assist in the following areas:

  • Face-to-face contact with affected residents in an attempt to provide in-person assistance to all individuals and families.
  • Distribute support brochures.
  • Organize educational groups to aid in re-creating a sense of community among affected residents.
  • Make formal presentations educating individuals and groups about support services and systems in their community.
  • Offer referrals for individuals who exhibit emotional and psychological symptoms and may need long term attention.
  • Make available the Mountain Outreach Team 24-hour helpline.

 Contact Us:

Phone: (970) 494-4245


As a result of the floods that impacted Larimer county, the Mountain Outreach Team has been designated by the State of Colorado Division of Behavioral Health as the provider agency for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) and Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Crisis Counseling Program.