Your community partner for mental health and addiction services


If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911. For after-hours, non-life-threatening psychiatric and behavioral health emergencies, call 970-221-2114.

Compassionate care is always close at hand at Touchstone Health Partners. Outpatient clinics at eight convenient Larimer County locations offer accessible, affordable, behavioral health care in your community for you and your family.

Mental illness and addiction are real. They are common. And they are treatable.

Think about how many people you know in our community: friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, parents, and children. One out of every four of those people you know will have a diagnosable mental disorder at some point in their lives. One out of every five children has an emotional disorder. In Colorado alone, 30% need mental health or substance use disorder care.

With one of every four of us affected by a mental health condition, these illnesses are far too common to ignore – or to be a source of shame. You should never be afraid to ask your mental health questions or to seek help. At Touchstone Health Partners, you will be treated with the dignity and respect you deserve, by people who understand that you are struggling to do the best you can while dealing with the real impacts of mental illness and addiction in your daily life. And you’ll receive the behavioral health care you need at a cost you can afford. Our mental health support and addiction treatment services for adults, children and families  are proven, affordable, and accessible in your communities throughout  Fort Collins, Loveland, Estes Park,  and across Larimer County.

Mental illness and addiction can feel as though they can define who you are and control your life. Recovery means that you manage your mental health – it doesn’t control you. At Touchstone, our expert behavioral health professionals support your recovery through treatment, medication and support services.

At Touchstone Health Partners, we see people for their potential – not for their diagnosis.

It can be easy to lose hope, especially when family members, employers, the community, and even the criminal justice system have all given up. No one blames someone for having Alzheimer’s, but it is sadly all too common for family, friends, and even society to turn their back on someone with a mental health or addictive disorder.

Touchstone Health Partners recognizes these disorders as biological, brain-based disorders. You will not be judged or made to feel ashamed. Rather, you will receive the individualized care and proven treatment you need.

Treatment works.

Mental and addictive disorders are brain-based disorders that are every bit as real as other medical conditions, like cancer, heart disease or diabetes. And, like these other illnesses, treatment can mean the difference between life and death.

Touchstone Health Partners is a one-stop community behavioral health resource for those living with mental health and addictive disorders. Whether you are looking for services for yourself or a loved one, Touchstone is the place for people of all ages to find behavioral health treatment, support, and resources.

Cost should never be a barrier to accessing treatment. Touchstone Health Partners is committed to provide treatment to those who would otherwise not be able to afford it. Services available across the Larimer County community including in Fort Collins, Loveland and Estes Park mean that compassionate care is always nearby.

All because our touchstone is the belief that lives really can be transformed through RECOVERY, RENEWAL, and RESPECT.

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