The Picture of Mental Health: An Aging Population

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Birth Order and Suicide Risk

New studies suggest that birth order may be considered a risk factor for suicide. Research shows that the later someone falls in birth order, the more likely they are to die by suicide. That is, younger siblings may be more likely to die by suicide when they reach adulthood. One study, published in the American [...]

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Touchstone’s Services, Illustrated.

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How to Ask For Help

Asking for help may be one of the greatest barriers to improving our lives. According to M. Nora Klaver, a self help author, “7 out of 10 people admit that last week they could have used help but never asked for it.” There are many reasons people don’t ever ask for help. There are several [...]

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Mental Illness Increases Risk of Teen Pregnancy

Every day there is more and more evidence proving that caring for an individual’s mental health is just as important as caring for his or her physical health. Recent studies finding that girls with mental illness are at increased risk for teen pregnancy prove that providing adequate care to the whole person can have far [...]

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